Goals help you go places

So a few weeks ago, I was thinking about different ways that I could make my weight loss journey more fun and fulfilling. After about an hour of racking my brain, I had a light bulb moment: Run a 5k. It’s so simple. Run my way into a smaller pants size.

So I look on the internet for 5ks being held in my area and I come across one that is right around the corner. Run for the Zoo is held every year and it benefits the Albuquerque Biopark. I love animals, I need to get in shape: It’s a match that’s been sauteed in awesome sauce (which is fat-free and tastes like bacon).

I signed up and decided that I needed to get a personal trainer. HA! I’m not going to pay for a personal trainer. That’s why I got the Couch to 5k app on my kindle. It helps a lot and keeps me on target.

I also do some on-the-side jogging with my double-wide stroller. My kids love to get out and it helps me reach my goals.


My official ‘before’ photos

Well folks, here they are: my starting photos. It still looks like I’m still pregnant. Oh well, everyone has to start somewhere. Starting weight 219 lbs.