It’s like sliding in the mud, down hill

I don’t know about anyone else out there but a big reason why it’s taken me this long to get started on my fitness goals is a “hate” child between sheer laziness and being overly critical of myself. My inner voice sounds like R Lee Ermey from Full Metal Jacket and until very recently, my body was like Gomer Pyle.

When I decided to lose weight and get healthy, I thought (for some reason) it would be easy to eat right and reach my goals. The first two weeks were awesome: I was going to the gym every other day and swore off soda and junk food. Then, it happened: we ran out of food at the house. Easy fix, store time. However, I was very hungry. Worst combination ever. I hate shopping when I haven’t had anything to eat. Impulse buys up the wazoo.

Here’s when the slide started. I skipped a few days (two weeks) of exercising and slowly fell off the wagon of eating right. My inner voice was yelling at me in that oh so familiar voice and my body shut down and I felt like I couldn’t do anything right. It got worse and worse minute by minute. Honestly, I just powered through a big bag of fritos. Right now, I feel depressed and hate myself the way I used to in the days of failed workout regiments past.

Luckily, I found a wonderful support system in my sister-in-law. No judgements and inspirational words (and a slight kick in the butt) are what I need to get me out of this funk. However, I’m learning that this push can’t come from just my wonderful sister-in-law, it has to come from within myself. My drill sergeant inner voice is a good thing to have, it’s my pudgy no-goodnik mind and body that need to shape up, in a word: willpower.

In order to get my goals back on track, I will be going for morning fun run with my sister and my wonderful double stroller (filled with children). This will hopefully give me the spur I need to get going forward.

I will leave you with some inspirational words.



One thought on “It’s like sliding in the mud, down hill

  1. Unsolicited advice to come:
    Make a weekly menu plan, including snack ideas, and go shopping once a week for just that stuff. In your plan, every week, add one recipe that can be easily made straight from the freezer. That way, you wont have the “oh god, there’s nothing to eat” issue very often and if, for some reason you do, you will have a back up. You also wont have the “I can’t be bothered to cook” syndrome because you’ll have freezer meals ready. Crockpot freezer meals are fine, but make sure to have some that can be made quick.

    Frozen potstickers and frozen edamame, with rice from the pantry
    Freezer Quesadillas (from the blog “Budget Bytes” just google it) with a can of refried beans
    Marinated beef with sliced onions and peppers for fajitas

    🙂 Found you on Fitocracy. You’re going to do great! 🙂

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