When you have a good speed going and then you trip…

Metaphorical, I assure you. Yes, I got a metaphorical boo boo this week. I bought a whole bunch of food for the week in an effort to start planning my meals (thank you, Whitney for the idea). Monday night’s dinner was a healthy-ish take on shepherd’s pie. I used extra lean meat and a lot less cheese than the recipe called for. Well, I should have bought some fresh meat. This is where my glorious story begins.

So there I was, whipping up a batch of meat to put in the pie. I cooked it thoroughly before putting it in the oven to marry the flavors together. However, I think the meat may have gone south while in my freezer (it had been there for months) because I ended up with food poisoning. This is the one time I’m glad my son didn’t eat my cooking.

I have been down with food poisoning symptoms (I’ll save you the agony of having to read what they are) for more than 48 hours and the smell of food is still throwing me into fits of nauseousness.

Today is the first day that I’ve been able to get anything done. I haven’t even been able to  think about exercising. While I’m still not at 100%, I feel like I can move around without needing to crawl to get to where I want to go.

Food’s attempt to take me out has failed and I will be back on the trails very soon. Good luck to everyone

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One thought on “When you have a good speed going and then you trip…

  1. Get better lady! I’ve had a cold since Sunday and I haven’t worked out much since 😦 It’s definitely affecting my mood, and I can’t imagine you’re feeling much better! Good idea to make all your meals beforehand or at least have a plan for the week for what to make!

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