Fun in the mud

Hello Everyone! After I ran the 5k this passed Sunday (see here), I feel accomplished and even more pumped to achieve my fitness goals. I decided on three events over the next ten-ish months that will test me in different ways and should be a lot of fun (which makes getting healthy fun). Here’s a rundown of what my girly muscles will be training for:

The Dirty Dash

According to the website, this obstacle course/fun run will leave me covered in mud and feeling awesome, I sure hope so. The course for where I live will be around 4 miles long. This is on August 31st so I have some time to start training.


Like a boss.

Duke City Marathon (10k event)

This is truly your average, run of the mill 10k. Nothing really fancy or difficult about it (except the 6.4 mile part). I want to test my endurance with this one. Why stop at a 5k? This race will be timed so I can see how I’m doing speed-wise. This event will take place October 20th. After this race, I know I’ll feel awesome and ready to train for the final event…


I’ll be shouting Yo, Adrian! at the finish line.

Tough Mudder

This is the pinnacle of obstacle courses. This bastard of an event tests you mentally and physically. It makes you confront your fears utilizing a variety of obstacles specially designed to kick your ass. The length is anywhere from 10-12 miles. I’ve wanted to do this for a few years now and my husband has agreed to be on a team with me. This event is sometime in 2014 so it’s a while off; however, we’ve started training for it now.

What is everyone else doing to make their fitness journey more exciting?

I got the photos from here and here


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