2-ish months progess and regression

I started this weight loss journey on March 1, 2013. I have had many ups and downs during that time. My weight has gone down little bit by little bit. During this process, I hadn’t seen much progress in the way of inches lost, until I took a progress picture.


I took my progress picture about two weeks ago but haven’t had any time to post on here. I was pretty proud of myself. I’m pretty bummed about still not being able to fit into smaller jeans. As I lose inches from my waist, the loose skin melts down my body and sticks to my hips. I keep hearing from people that have lost weight that the skin shrinks after a while but I’m still waiting for that to happen.

This have been a life changing two months and I’m still transforming both mentally and physically. Mentally changing is the hardest part by far. Living a quarter of a century with the fat girl mentality has warped my self-image to the point of almost permanent damage. Even looking at the progress in these pictures isn’t enough some days to stop me from skipping workouts or over-eating.

However, I’ve noticed that these slips are becoming less frequent. Hopefully, they will stop altogether. Only time and effort will tell. Good luck to everyone out there who’s on this journey as well.


One thought on “2-ish months progess and regression

  1. Stay with it. It takes patience. I had to drop 20 lbs (which took me almost half a year) before I started noticing any change in my waist. At the moment I’m down 30lbs and -every- one of my pants are like several inches too large, to the point where I can’t wear any of them without a belt.

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