Today felt like it was going to be a crappy run. I woke up 2 hours late and had to drag myself out of the door. I took my time warming up and sauntering down the dirt trail to the path I take, I even did an extra “warm up” walk. However, I turned on my music and started my iPod fitness counter. Off I went!

Now the running part in and of itself should be considered an accomplishment; however, half a mile into the run, I began to really enjoy it. It was scary! I started to go faster. Part of this increase in speed may have been from the fact that I was going downhill but it didn’t matter, the wind on my face felt amazing.

I turned around when I got to the end if the path and started my way back up the hill. All of my happy fun time running was gone! I felt like that fat kid the high-schoolers would make fun of in gym class (I was that fat kid). I was huffing and puffing, almost on the verge of tears. Every muscle fiber in my legs was telling me to quit or slow down. I’m glad I had my music turned up because I don’t want to imagine the sounds that were coming out of me (Gamorrean from Star Wars maybe or Jabba the Hutt as he’s getting killed by Leia?). This is where the really accomplishment starts: I didn’t stop. I pulled myself up that hill and when I finished I looked at my time and found out that I had pulled off less than a 12 minute mile!

Holy Gobstoppers Batman!

I’ve been working towards this goal for a very long time now and am over the moon about this. I now know that this is possible. Fitness goals are within reach no matter what obstacles are put in front of you. What are some goals that you guys were/are having problems with but are now/close to achieving?